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Gil Brandon '83
Posted 12/13/2016 01:45PM

Gil Brandon '83

What year did you graduate from St. George’s?

1983 (6th grade)


Where did you go to college?

Vanderbilt University


Where do you live and what is your profession?

My family lives in Memphis. I am the Assistant Head of School for Advancement at New Hope Christian Academy in Frayser.


Did you ever envision doing this when you were at St. George’s?

My mom saved an essay I wrote one year at St. George's where I talked about making a lot of money when I grow up. #Irony


How did St. George’s prepare you for college, career, and life?

I attribute a number of things to my elementary years at St. George's, including my love of reading Ms. Williams allowed me to read non-fiction. I loved books about rocks and bugs. I still love to learn. St. George's planted the seed of life-long learning, for which I am thankful!


Which teacher had the greatest impact on you and why?

Ms. Martin, my fourth grade teacher, challenged me like few teachers have, including high school, college, and post-graduate. She was serious about teaching, and I had to become a little more serious about learning!


What is your favorite St. George’s memory?

Class trips such as the Land Between the Lakes in fourth grade. I have clear memories of some of those experiences, including listening to Michael Jackson’s Thriller album (cassette, of course!) on someone’s boombox on our sixth grade trip.


Why do you choose to give to the Annual Fund?

My wife teaches at the Collierville campus and our youngest son is in seventh grade. We love the vision of St. George's, specifically as it relates to the school’s love for Memphis and intentional initiatives in our city.


What advice would you give to St. George’s students or young alumni today?

Learn to listen and ask a lot of questions.


What would you say to a prospective family looking at St. George’s?

Independent schools are an investment. St. George's has continued to yield strong returns for the Brandon family.


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