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Robert Rowan '96
Posted 04/11/2017 09:22PM

Robert Rowan '96


What year did you graduate from St. George’s?



Where did you go to college?

I did my undergraduate work at UT-Knoxville. I did one year in the graduate program at University of Memphis, then quit to start making films.


Where do you live and what is your profession?

Midtown Memphis. Filmmaker; After Effects, editing, and videography specialist; and overall bon vivant.


Did you ever envision doing this when you were at St. George’s?

No. I played sports year-round and there were no classes or clubs devoted to film or production.


How did St. George’s prepare you for college, career, and life?

It taught me the freedom of trying creative projects, allowing your inner weirdness to spring forth through said projects, and to be open to many different ideas, jobs, projects, etc.


Tell us about a time in college or the workplace where you felt better prepared due to your St. George’s experience.

I recently started doing improv with a group called Memphis Improv and Sketch Collective. I’ve done a bunch of sketch comedy before, but nothing in the way of performance. I think the philosophy of “try anything” at St. George’s opened me up to that.


Did St. George’s encourage you to take healthy risks and step outside of your comfort zone?

All the time.


Which teacher had the greatest impact on you and why?

Mrs. Ozier. I’ve always been a lot to handle. I have a lot of energy and can be an instigator. As I get older, I try to manifest this in instigating change. She was really stern and direct with me. She had an intense stare that my father and grandmother have, which says “I’m done playing here.” She really helped me to focus, but was also very patient and helped make me a better student.


What is your favorite St. George’s memory?

Mr. Ferguson playing goalie with the bull whip and random objects attached to him. Also LBL and Cumberland Caverns was a magical experience.


Why do you choose to give to the Annual Fund?

St. George’s was critical to the development of me as a person. I went to MUS and I learned a lot there, but I was shaped by St. George’s. I don’t think I would be as driven or as risk-taking if I hadn’t had my St. George's experience.


What advice would you give to St. George’s students or young alumni today?

Pursue what YOU want to pursue in life. It’s your life to live and no one else’s. Don’t do what a coach or parent or teacher thinks you should do. As you go through school, try to pursue the things you love but also challenge your intellect and make sure that you grow as a person. As a great man once said, “if you work hard and treat people with kindness, amazing things will happen.”


What would you say to a prospective family looking at St. George’s?

Short answer: get them in. No hesitation: it’s not just your child going here, but your entire family. The family network I had and still have was indescribably great. The mothers and fathers of other students who helped raise me are my family.

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